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  •     DA1 Crayford
  •     DA1 Dartford
  •     DA3 Longfield
  •     DA13 Meopham
  •     DA13 Istead Rise
  •     DA5 Bexley
  •     DA6, DA7 Bexleyheath
  •     DA8, DA18 Erith
  •     DA9 Greenhithe
  •     DA10 Swanscombe
  •     DA11, DA12,
  •     DA13, DA14 Gravesend
  •     DA14, DA15 Sidcup
  •     DA16 Welling
  •     DA17 Belvedere
  •     BR8 Swanley
  •     ME15 Maidstone
  •     TN Tunbridge Wells
  •     TN Tonbridge


  •     BR1 Bromley
  •     BR2 Bromley
  •     BR5 St Mary Cray
  •     BR6 Orpington
  •     BR7 Chislehurst
  •     SE2 Abbey Wood
  •     SE3 Blackheath
  •     SE7 Charlton
  •     SE9 Eltham
  •     SE10 Greenwich
  •     SE18 Woolwich

Latest Testimonial

The Turf that was delivery were beautiful and fresh. Delivery was fast and my new lawn looks amazing and growing very fast.


Ordered our lawn on the Tuesday and was delivered on the Thursday. Lovely turf also ordered some top soil bags.

Turfing Tip

When watering you lawn alway try to water it after sun has gone down as watering you new lawn in the hot sun can damage it

Turfing Tip 2

To remove your old lawn it is best to get a turf cutter. You can hire these from your local hire shop

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G&G Fencing and landscape supplies have been using the same turf for many years so we can assure you that our turf is the very best turf that you can buy. Our lawns are always cut fresh so it get's to you in the best condition. We also offer a full landscape install service. We also sell top soil in 25kg bags or in tone bags we can also cater for large orders. If you need any more information on your new lawn or need any advice you can give us a call on the number above or fill in a contact form. We can deliver to all the area listed to the side of this page. for more information on our delivery's please see our delivery page.

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)

What Our Lawns Looks Like When Installed

Turfing Supplier
Turfing Supplier

How To Install Your New Lawn Guide

Here at G&G we are more than just a supply shop, we have been landscaping gardens for many years. If you need your new lawn installed this is a service that we offer. If you would like to install your new lawn yourself we have an install guide below for you to follow. If you do need any more advice please give us a call and we would be happy to help.

  • Step 1. Remove you old lawn using a turf cutter. A turf cutter will get under your old lawn and cut. It will then be easy to roll up and dispose off. A turf cutter can be hired from your local tool hire shop for around £40
Turf cutting
  • Step 2. Now that you old turf is removed you should have flat surface. You should now install you top soil and level it with a rake or screding bar to gain you perfect level. You can also use a roller or wacker plate to make the area firmer
Garden Rake
  • Step 3. Now the you top soil is level it's now time to install your new lawn. Begin installing turf along the longest straight line, such as a driveway or pathway. Butt and push edges and ends against each other tightly, without stretching. Avoid gaps or overlaps. Stagger the joints in each row in a brick-like fashion, using hand saw trim corners, etc. Avoid leaving small strips at outer edges as they will not retain moisture. Once you have laid use your rake to pat down
turf install guide
turfing guide

  • Step 4. Now that your new lawn is installed you will need to water it. You will need to water it as soon as possible and for around an hour. Then every night for around 2 weeks. Try no keep of your new lawn for around 3 to week 

Turfing compleat