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Close Board Fence Panels

Monday, 26 September 2016 14:09

Close Board Fence Panels

Close board fencing – the best for homes

Close board fencing is probably the most popular type of fencing for homes and gardens.  Its solid, classic construction provides a good measure of privacy for home owners at ground level.

One of the things people like about this type of fencing the most is that individual panels can be easily replaced.  At G&G Fencing & Landscape Supplies we carry an extensive range of fencing panels all of which offer unbeatable quality.

To ensure that our customers are purchasing products of the highest possible quality, we make all of our panels by hand at our shop in Dartford.  The panels are then pressure treated to develop strength and durability and then dipped in a surface treatment to prolong the life of the wood.  You don’t need to purchase an entire fence from us; if you just have individual boards which have been damaged you can simply order the amount you need.

If you are considering installing close board fencing on your property we would advise that you also fit concrete gravel boards and concrete posting. Although close board fencing is extremely durable and long-lasting, concrete gravel boards as well as concrete posting can help prolong the life of your fence even further.  The concrete will have the most prolonged contact with moisture and provides an excellent barrier that protects your wood from excess moisture which can lead to rotting. 

In addition to the concrete gravel boards and concrete posts, we would recommend that every two years you treat the wood with a solvent-based treatment during the summer months.  The summer is the best time to do this so that the treatment can soak into the dry wood. The measures outlined above would ensure that your fence would last for at least 15 years. 

The benefits of close board fencing

  • The fence is easy to repair. If there are any signs of damage or aging, it won’t be very costly to install new boards. With other types of fencing, you would need to replace larger sections, if not the whole thing.


  • It’s the ideal fencing for either the front or back garden.


  • The individual boards have been pressure tested, meaning that they last longer.


All of the fencing and posts mentioned are available from our online store and can be delivered to your front door. Check to see if we deliver to your area.

Don’t forget that we also offer an installation service, so if you are looking for an expert to build your fence for you, please drop us a line with your exact needs and one of our experienced staff will get back to you asap.

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Fencing & Landscape Supply Shop

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 09:52

G&G Garden

It wasn’t so long ago that purchasing items to create a fantastic looking garden would burn a serious hole in your pocket!  So much so that many home or business owners would leave this valuable space unattended; this spoils the overall look of their properties. 


But with G&G Fencing and Landscaping Supplies, we are a one stop shop where you can create a beautiful, professionally designed, fully functioning garden or outdoor space at a seriously competitive price.  Not only that but we deliver all of your items straight to your door!


Have a look round our website and see how we can help design your garden to add extra value to your home.  We supply artificial grass, fencing, gates, sleepers, metposts, screws & fixings, tools and feather edge fencing. If you are planning to build a fence yourself, we also stock the post mix that you would need to cement the posts in place in order to build a robust fence.


If you aren’t a DIY fan don’t worry!  As well as offering free advice on what would make your garden look its best, we provide free quotations for all of the work that you are thinking of having done on your property.  Simply drop us a line or call us on 01322-787312 and we will discuss your requirements with you and arrange for some of our highly skilled staff to do the work for you.  No job is too big or to small; we work with both residential and corporate customers to help them achieve the best results for their property at the best possible price. To get an idea of how good your garden or open space can look with our products, have a look at some of our previous work.


Where we deliver


As you can see below, we have quite an extensive delivery area which we cover within office hours. As it is difficult to beat us on quality and price, even if you can’t see your postcode here, we would encourage you to still order from us and hire a man with a van to come and pick up your goods!  It will be well worth it!


DA1 Crayford

DA1 Dartford

DA3 Longfield

DA5 Bexley

DA6, DA7 Bexleyheath

DA8, DA18 Erith

DA9 Greenhithe Swanscombe

DA10 Swanscombe

DA11, DA12,

DA13, DA14 Gravesend

DA14, DA15 Sidcup

DA16 Welling

DA17 Belvedere

BR1 Bromley

BR2 Bromley

BR5 St Mary Cray

BR6 Orpington

BR7 Chislehurst

BR8 Swanley

ME15 Maidstone

SE2 Abbey Wood

SE3 Blackheath

SE7 Charlton

SE9 Eltham

SE10 Greenwich

SE18 Woolwich

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New Artificial Grass Supplier In Dartford, Kent

Monday, 12 September 2016 14:55

Artifical Grass Supplier

Better than the real thing!

Do you love your lawn but hate all of the work that comes with it? If you love being out on the grass but want to avoid all the maintenance and mess that comes with it then now is the perfect time to consider replacing your current lawn with artificial grass instead.

Each year the number of people choosing artificial grass is increasing. The quality of the product has improved so much it is often difficult to tell the difference between natural and artificial grass. You can have a fantastic, durable lawn all year round with only a fraction of the work that a real lawn requires.   We offer high-quality grass that has been especially designed for landscaping. 

Artificial grass has a number of benefits to it, mainly when it comes to maintenance: you’ll have no more yellow patches on your lawn; no more weeds to battle with and your pets won't damage the grass!  You never need to apply potentially dangerous chemical herbicides, pesticides or feeds to keep it looking lush.  You no longer need to mow or water it and it stays green all year round!  All you would need to do is to keep it clear of any debris such as fallen leaves and things of that nature.  As the grass is porous, when it rains the water will simply drain away; you won’t find little puddles of water on your lawn. 

The Brent Artificial Grassthe milestone artificial grass

We sell The Brent artificial grass which has a mixture of dark green blades with a brown/green curled base yarn. It has 40mm pile height and comes with a 15 year UV Guarantee.  Depending upon how often you use your grassed area and what activities you perform upon it, our product should give you up to 20 years of maintenance-free life.  This is a truly cost-effective option if you are a home owner, especially if you have young children who like being in the garden in good weather. The fact that it requires so little maintenance is especially convenient for the elderly for whom high maintenance is not practical. It has the softness and bounce of real grass that your children and pets will enjoy. (Note: we would recommend cleaning up any dog droppings with disinfectant).  If your turf acquires any other stains such as ice cream, chocolate, etc. then a mild detergent will be sufficient to wipe those off.

The Brent artificial grass is the perfect solution for gardens of all sizes. G&G have expertly installed this in a number of properties with fantastic results. Your neighbours won’t be able to tell whether or not it’s real unless you tell them!  You can go online and purchase yours here.

Here at G&G we sell grass by the meter so you don’t have to worry about having excess turf left over once it is laid. You are more than welcome to lay the grass yourself if you have the know-how, but if not please contact us and we can arrange for some of our professionals to talk you through what is required and they will then do it for you.

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Installing A Fence Guide

Saturday, 10 September 2016 01:17

Steps for installing a fence with concrete posts and concrete gavel boards


Wooden panel fences can add a beautiful finishing touch to your lawn.  They are overwhelmingly the fence of choice for thousands of home owners in the UK.  Many people opt to have a professional install a fence for them, but there are others who love DIY.   

Wooden fences look beautiful but won’t last long unless they are protected with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards.  Concrete gravel boards are the best way for keeping your fence panels away from the ground. Over time prolonged exposure to moisture can damage your wood and cause it to rot if it is sitting directly in the soil. Concrete posts also help act as a buffer between the wood and the moisture. Concrete doesn’t rot so using these two methods to help erect your fence is the best possible way to help preserve the life of your fence.

It goes without saying that you should also treat your wood with a sealant that will help prevent moisture sinking into the wood. At G&G our wood panels are sold pre-treated but we would advise that you help prolong the life of your fence every two years with a solvent-based treatment to help ensure that it will stand for at least 15 years.

The following steps are for installing your fence with concrete gravel boards and concrete posts.  You will definitely need a helping hand to put this together! The gravel boards, the posts and the wooden fence can all be purchased online from G&G.

Equipment you may need

Fencing Supplies BexleyFence PanelPost Hole DiggersPost Mix

  1. Where you are building a brand new fence, it would be advisable to use a detector to ensure that there are no underground cables or pipes in the area where you wish to build your new structure.  If you have any doubts, or you don’t have a detector then get an expert to do this for you.
  2. Where necessary, discuss your fencing plans with your neighbours, and ask for permission to access their property, as it is much easier to work on a fence from both sides.
  3. Important: you need approximately a 2ft longer post than the finished height of your fence, e.g. if you are planning to build a 6ft high fence you will need an 8ft high post.
  4. Concrete posts are the best for building fences. Using either a 6” or 12” deep concrete gravel board, in conjunction with the slotted concrete posts, this allows the panel to sit on top of the gravel board thus avoiding direct contact with the damp ground, and prolonging the life of your fence.
  5. Clear the area that you propose to build your fence on first. Mark the boundary line using a strong piece of string or builder’s line; this will also keep the fence as straight as possible.
  6. Dig the first fence post hole 2ft feet deep. Make the hole roughly a spades’ width wide so that you have space to put concrete around all sides of the post.
  7. Place the fence post into the hole and fill it with concrete. Use your spirit level to ensure that the post is upright, both ways, and in line with your string line.
  8. Measure a length of 6ft on the ground from the first post to indicate where the next post should be dug. Dig the second hole, and then you are ready to put up the first panel.
  9. Attach the panel to the first post. If using timber posts, you can either use panel clips, attaching them first to the post and then the panel, spacing them evenly on the panel/post.  Place the second post into its hole and secure to the first panel, ensuring that the post is straight, using a spirit level.
  10. If using slotted concrete posts, just slot the panel into the space and continue as above, ensuring that the panels are firmly in place within the slot on the post.
  11. Place the concrete gravel board on the ground first slotting it into the post, ensuring that it is firmly in place; ensure the gravel board is level.  Place the panel on top of the gravel board and slot firmly into the post. Then getting the next concrete post put it into its hole ensuring that it is firmly fitting the panel and gravel board.  As you go use the spirit level to ensure that all of the posts are straight.  Repeat the procedure with all the posts.
  12. For each post hole you will need approximately 40kg of  “postmix” product  2 Bags .The quantity of concrete is dependent on the size of hole you have created.
  13. Mix the cement and ballast together whilst dry, then add the water and mix to the consistency of thick porridge. Put the concrete into the hole with the shovel. Compact the concrete in the hole ensuring it fills all the gaps around the post and rubble which is holding up the post.  With each post you fill keep checking the position of the post and adjust to ensure it is straight.

When everything is dry you will see that you’ve built a fabulous new fence!

Or you could get G&G Garden Services to Install Click Here For Details


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Welcome To G&G Fencing & Landscape Supplies Blog

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 12:16


Welcome to G&G Fencing and Landscape Supplies! We are a family-run business operating out of Dartford who provide the essential items that will help make your garden look beautiful. 

Whether you need fencing, paving, sleepers or artificial grass, we will have something to meet your needs.  Not only does our online store offer you the convenience of browsing all of our supplies from the comfort of your own home before deciding what you want, but we will also deliver all of your items straight to your door! From Bromley to Bexley, Erith to Eltham and Welling to Woolwich, we have got you covered! If you are unsure whether we deliver to your area, you can check that out here.

If you know what supplies you need but don’t know how to install them, we offer a first class installation service, so please give us a call on 01322-787312 or email us via our contact form with your query and one of our friendly team will get back to you asap.

Thank you for visiting our online shop and we look forward to helping you turn your garden into something that you will be proud to show to your friends and family!

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