Terms & Conditions

Refunds/Exchanges of goods are not permitted. Once you (the customer) place your order, and we (the company) provide/deliver your order satisfactorily; and we (the company) are not to fault of goods being ordered incorrectly, exchanges or refunds will not be permitted. All sales are final.

Abuse toward our staff members. No member of staff should be required or feel obliged to deal with any customer either face to face, over the phone or in correspondence, who is exhibiting threatening, abusive or violent behaviour. In any of these circumstances a member of staff has the right to refuse to serve that customer and should refer the customer to their immediate supervisor. Threatening behaviour is defined as, but not limited to, threats of violence to members of staff or any other person which is, for example; sexist, racist or homophobic; including intimidating language, swearing and/or aggressive body language.

Warp, Wane or Splitting. It is a natural characteristic of timber products to react to changes in the climate (including temperature and precipitation). For this reason, we (the company) cannot be held responsible for any occurrence of this natural characteristic if this occurs after final sale.

Kerbside deliveries only. We (the company) operate a kerbside delivery only policy. Our vehicles are not authorised to leave the public highway. Our drivers will assist you to the best of their ability, however they will not enter your property or position vehicles onto any part of land which forms your premises, unless the below conditions are met ;

(a) There is ready access , unhindered by obstruction - AND

(b) There are no manhole/drain coverings in the area which the vehicle will drive - AND

(c) The land owner gives expressed permission - AND

(d) The land owner signs the ORCH09 disclaimer form; disclaiming any event of damage caused by our vehicle, arising from our vehicle leaving the public highway upon request of the customer.

Shortages / Damages on goods delivered. Any imperfections or shortages of goods delivered to you must be reported to the delivery driver , or in any case reported to the office receiving your order on the day of the delivery.

Goods remain the property of G&G Fencing & Landscape Supplies. until paid for in full.

Delivery times will not be given. This is due to the way in which orders are received and despatched, as well as traffic conditions and travelling times. We will (if requested) provide a telephone call confirming despatch of your order at the time of leaving the depot.

Procurement of timber. [*1] Some materials are purchased from within the EU; where possible, we will require a chain of custody from the supplier. We are an environmentally friendly company.

Prices listed online. All prices listed on this website are Including United Kingdom VAT which is currently set at 20.00%

Turf. There are no returns on turf and should be laid on day of delivery

Terms & Conditions Of Our Deliverys

We operate a kerbside delivery service. 

Our delivery vehicles are not authorised to leave the public highways, this is to prevent any incidents arising from leaving the road. Where possible our drivers will position vehicles as close to your site to assist you - however this is at their discretion. Staff members are not authorised to enter any premises for the purpose of the carriage of goods; this is to prevent damage to walls, fittings and furniture.

We deliver Monday - Friday - 07.30am - 04.30pm Saturdays 08:00am - 01:00pm

Charges are applied to orders based upon where the order is despatched from and the distance from that branch.

We will not provide specific time allocations for deliveries, due to the high volume of orders we receive.