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The Beast Fence Panel

The Beast Fence Panel

The Beast Fence Panel

The Beast Fence Panel is designed and made at our workshop in  Dartford, Kent. We wanted to make a super strong fence panel that also looked very nice from both sides.

What Materials are used

The frame of The Beast Fence Panel is made using 2 side rails that are fully pressure treated to UC3 standards and backing rails that are cut at and angle to allow rain drip off. 

5ft, 5ft 6in and 6ft panels have 4 backing rails.

3ft and 4ft panels have 3 backing rails.

The side rails are nailed in to the side of the backing rails with with 64mm nails.

  • 32mm x 38mm side rail
  • 32mm x 70mm backing rail


The Feather Edge

On the beast fence panel and all of our fence panels we use fully pressure treated UC3 feather edge. There are 18 slats of 125mm x 22m feather edge of every panel that we make that are all nailed in with stainless steel nails. We only use British spruce feather edge cut from the centre of the core to assure the best quality fence panels you can buy.  All of our wood comes from a sustainably source.


The Top Cap

We use an angled top cap that is fully pressure treated to UC3 standards on top of all our fence panels. This is used to deflect rain from sitting on top of the fence panel and gives it a finished look.


Finishing Touches

To finish the the beast panels we put a brass plaque in the middle of the fence panel.

The Test

We put our fence panel through a strength test and the results were outstanding. We placed the panel on top of two sleepers to see how much weight it would take. The fence panel took 33 bags of cement or 885kg before it gave way, take a look at the video below.

The Finished Products




We are now making the beast in 7ft

To Buy the 7ft beast fence panel please click the link


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